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Misalignment is regarded as the number one cause of premature failure in rotating machinery.

In short:
Misalignment = Poor efficiency, safety and reliability.

Traditional methods of alignment were time consuming and quite often inaccurate. With advancements in laser technology it is now possible to achieve high levels of accuracy in a very short amount of time.

Tests have shown that around 50% of machine breakdowns are caused by misalignment. A recent survey has shown that out of 160 machines checked for alignment, only 7% were found to have acceptable alignment accuracy.

Effects of poor alignment:

  • Increased coupling loading
  • Increased shaft loading
  • Increased bearing loading
  • Increased stress of mechanical seals
  • High temperatures at couplings, bearings and seals
  • High vibration
  • Poor efficiency (an offset of 1.25mm = approx 8% increase in energy consumption)
  • Cracking of shaft

Accurate alignment will save money on expensive repair bills, and dramatically reduce machine failures which in turn means that your plant will be making you money for longer.

Laser alignment just makes sense! Can you really afford not to!

All our work is carried out using the best quality alignment systems and each alignment comes with full documentation as proof of alignment condition. Call us now to discuss your requirements.


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