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The sites that get the most return from carrying out regular vibration analysis tend to have a few things in common, like:

  • running night shifts

  • 24 hour production facilities
  • strategic engineering managers

  • moving away from firefighting issues

  • an engineering team of 10 or more

Vibration analysis

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The proof is in the pudding and the return is in the report. 

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What you didn't know

Vibration analysis carried out by a skilled engineer can filter out frequencies related to bearings and identify if it's the inner or outer race or the ball bearings themselves. 

Our engineers can find issues with bearings, imbalance, misalignment, bent shafts, electrical faults, and looseness.


Vibration analysis is a predictive maintenance tool better suited to mechanical components like motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, conveyor systems and compressors.

What to use it on

If it's a critical item of plant, vibration analysis once per quarter is good practice. 

Critical plant follows many forms and should include:

expensive items of plant 

old plant machinery that is costly to fix

machinery that has spares that are obsolete or hard to get hold of

machinery requiring specialist parts

any equipment that causes significant downtime to repair

Vibration analysis

Precision. Punctuality. Professionalism.

On average, carrying out regular vibration analysis reduces our customer's repairs budget by around 20%.

The analysis is smart, precise and best of all, can be carried out without requiring any downtime. 

If downtime reduction is high on your agenda, it could be the tool that's missing from your toolbox.

Vibration analysis - what you didn't know
See it in action
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